&Quot;The Australians Made A Mistake With Novak Djokovic,&Quot; Said Rita Panahi

«The Australians made a mistake with Novak Djokovic,» said Rita Panahi

Novak Djokovic He arrived early in Adelaide and was very well received by the fans. Sky Sports presenter Rita Panahi spoke about Nole’s return to Australia. She said: «It was absurd and illogical that many Australians, instead of blaming the government for excessive restrictions on them, would direct their anger at Novak earlier this year.» In an interview with Channel 9, Adelaide tournament director Alistair MacDonald commented on Djokovic’s return to Australia: «I met Novak Djokovic today and he seemed to be in great shape.

It has already arrived in Adelaide and is warming up. The fans can’t wait to see him play, he looks great and his team is excited to be here. She knows the city quite well and knows what to expect as the conditions are very similar to the Australian Open.

The Adelaide ATP is an important tournament for him facing the AO, in fact he is preparing meticulously. We make sure he gets everything he needs.»

Djokovic returned to Australia

Djokovic returned to Australia twelve months after the absurd soap opera that led to his expulsion from the country.

The Serbian phenomenon had been unable to participate in the 2022 Australian Open due to his vaccination status, which had caused an uproar that had gone around the world. The former ATP number 1 had been forced to leave Australia and severely damaged his image.

For the same reason, the 35-year-old from Belgrade had also had to give up the US Open and the entire American Masters 1000. The 21-time Grand Slam champion will begin his 2023 by playing the Adelaide ATP 250, and then go hunting for his 10th seal at the AOs.

If he were to arrive in double figures at Melbourne Park, Nole would hook his archrival Rafael Nadal in 22 Grand Slams. Nole managed to close 2022 in the Top 5 thanks to successes at Wimbledon and the ATP Finals in Turin. Goran Ivanisevic’s protégé aims to return to the top in 2023.

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