'That’s Why There'S So Much Respect For Rafael Nadal', Says Former Ace

‘That’s why there is so much respect for Rafael Nadal’, says the former ace

Mats Wilander is one of the most authoritative voices within the «white sport» The Swedish tennis legend and multiple Grand Slam winner once again touched on one of the most exciting topics of recent times: Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? For years, that was the focus of the GOAT conversation, until Novak Djokovic came along.

The romantics have chosen to have this conversation only with those two names, leaving aside the player who not only caught up with them, but is gradually leaving them behind. Well, the now television commentator chose to opt for one with a definition that will undoubtedly continue to be controversial.

«Nadal has won all the Grand Slams twice or more, while Federer only won the French Open once. This is what sets Rafa apart from Roger. He knows how to win in all the different places,» Wilander said on Eurosport.

And although nobody can deny that it is a reality, that feat has also been achieved by Novak Djokovic. It should be noted that of the 20 Grand Slam titles that Federer won throughout his career, eight were from Wimbledon, six from the Australian Open, five from the US Open and one from Roland Garros.

For his part, Nadal currently has 22 “big ones” spread over 14 from Roland Garros, four from the US Open and a couple from both the Australian Open and Wimbledon. The truth is that each one left a legacy that will be impossible to erase.

Do you agree with Mats Wilander’s assessment of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?

John McEnroe praises Nadal

In a recent interview, John McEnroe mentioned that despite his constant injury setbacks, Rafael Nadal is still hungry to make it in the sport.

«The best individual quality an athlete can have is that hunger, and no matter how successful you are, just being willing to put in the hard yards and the work it takes to give yourself a chance, and Rafa does that better than anyone.»

He maintains humility and arrogance at the same time, which is a difficult thing to maneuver, and he does an amazing job of it. You do believe with him that he will do anything and everything to come back and give himself that chance, and there are very few players you can say that about, that’s why there’s so much respect for Rafa,» he added.

«With the players and anyone who watches the sport, you look at the guy and go, ‘Oh, gosh, how can that guy want it so much? It looks like he never won a major.'»

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