'That'S What Roger Federer Has Been Doing So Well For...', Says Atp Star

‘That’s what Roger Federer has been doing so well…’ says ATP star

The South American tour continues for Rafael Nadal and Casper Ruud. From Argentina, the two tennis players are traveling to play various exhibitions in the lower part of the American continent. After the Argentine stop, with mixed doubles with Gabriela Sabatini and Gisela Dulko, and the stop in Chile, the two arrived in Colombia, more precisely in Bogotá.

The Colombian capital saw another success for the world number two, scoring Ruud’s first win against him in Quito. With a clear advantage for the Spanish over the Norwegians, the Mexico City stage has yet to be declared the winner of this Latin American tour.

After thanking the fans for their love in Bogotá, Nadal spoke about Roger Federer. The former tennis player and former number one in the world had a tour of Colombia planned years ago, but it never took place. In 2019, the Swiss and Alexander Zverev should have been the protagonists of an exhibition match in Bogotá, but it was not to be: due to citizen protests against the government, a curfew had been established that did not allow the start of the match. .

The Spanish tennis player, recalling this episode, made a proposal to his former colleague and «good friend»: «I know that a few years ago a good friend like Roger was unable to play his match here due to a complicated situation.

He always told me how excited he was to play here and I can say that I hope to return to him one day», said the 22-time Slam champion. A return, however, that still has to wait. Because Roger Federer himself explained during the Uniqlo event in Tokyo that his knee is not yet in the best condition to play again: «I would love to play in places I have never been and thank the fans who have helped me.»

King Roger wants to play exhibitions

Roger Federer is a highly respected figure in the world of tennis and many players look up to him with admiration, Stefanos Tsitsipas being one of them. «Roger’s best years, you know, he was kind of unstoppable.

It seemed to be going forward,» Tsitsipas said. «He said, I remember, many years ago that ‘if you don’t improve and if you don’t change something in a positive way, the opponents will find out what you’re doing and what you’ve been doing isn’t as efficient anymore. as it was before.

So you should always think ahead, you should always be forward-thinking in your mindset.’ And that’s what he’s been doing so well for so many years,» she said.

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