Paul Mcginley: That Man Is The Reason For Rory Mcilroy'S Current Success

That man is the reason for Rory McIlroy’s current success

Rory McIlroy He had a great season and showed his qualities. Even more is expected of him next season, and what he lacks is a Majors title. Many expect the Northern Irishman to win the coveted Majors title next season.

European Ryder Cup captain Luke Donald is optimistic about McIlroy’s future and believes the Northern Irishman will clinch the Majors trophy. «He’s a great player,» European Ryder Cup captain Luke Donald was quoted as saying by

«I’m sure he’s disappointed that he didn’t win a major this year. But it would be a surprise if he didn’t have big opportunities next year.» Paul McGinley talked about the positive influence of McIlroy’s psychologist, Bob Rotella.

This duo put a lot of work into the mental aspect of the game and the results were immediately visible. Their cooperation produced results. “Rory has been on the front lines of all things off the pitch and Rotella has channeled that in a very positive way,” McGinley told The Times.

“Michael Jordan found things that he used for fuel and Rotella and McIlroy have also used all that energy in a positive way. All these things collided.»

Rory McIlroy: «The Masters was validation»

Rory McIlroy is one of the biggest stars, and a real rise is still expected.

He will do everything possible to achieve his goal. It seems that she is not far from it. The most important thing for him is concentration, an advantage, and he really has quality. “The Masters was the validation,” says McGinley. “Whether he’s done something with his swing or psychologically, he needs the results to validate what he’s doing.

“He understood that. It is not a fact that this will continue, and he will still have ups and downs, but he seems to have discovered a lot about himself. We look forward to the next challenges in the Northern Irishman’s career.

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