Rafael Nadal: 'That Always Encourages Me To Come Back'

‘That always encourages me to come back’

The tennis season has ended a few days ago and some of the most important athletes on the circuit are carrying out simple exhibitions. Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal’s South American tour ended overnight with his friend, Norwegian Casper Ruud.

The two athletes met in a few days in some of the most important cities in South America and at night they met in Mexico City. Nadal won the last meeting between the two, a close 7-6, 6-4. In the press conference (prior to the game) Rafa addressed many issues and made interesting statements.

These are his words: «I had never been here, but I have been to other cities in Mexico and now I don’t feel like a foreigner when I live here. There are many things that unite Spain and Mexico and I feel at home.» , language obviously helps.

People treat me very well and I am impressed by the behavior of these people. I hope to come to this country and enjoy the wonders of this city, so this exhibition will probably be the last time I play in Mexico. I currently have no plans to play in 2023 in Acapulco and I see the 2024 season as far away.»

Nadal’s 2022 was extraordinary, the Spanish champion won two Grand Slam titles and even for a few weeks there was talk of winning all four Slams in the same year. In the second half of the season, Nadal lived with various physical problems, a situation that led him to play the second half of the season with difficulties.

In this regard, Nadal continued: «For me the main thing is to play most of the important tournaments in full physical shape. I continue to enjoy every day and I continue to have goals that excite me professionally.»

Rafael Nadal is still motivated

Rafael Nadal wrapped up his Latin American tour in Mexico on Friday. He also played exhibition matches in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia. «When I’m in Mexico I don’t feel strange, I don’t feel like a foreigner, in the end when you’re in a country where we speak the same language and there are more things that unite us, when I arrive here I feel at home,» he said.

“The reception of the people that I feel is spectacular. It is a country where people know how to have fun, a happy country. And well, in all the places that I have been in the country in Cozumel, Tulum, Playa Mujeres and Acapulco, I have always been happy, I have always taken good memories of the places, but also of the people, of the food, of everything. , and that always encourages me to come back,» he added.

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