Diferencias Superficies Indian Wells Y Miami

Surface differences in Miami and Indian Wells

Indian Wells and Miami are the first two Masters 1000 series of the season, although in 2021 the calendar has been changed. These two tournaments are in the center of attention. Both have similar surfaces, but some significant differences. What are?

Points distributed by ATP tournaments

Tournament State of Florida has undergone significant changes in recent years. Undoubtedly, the most important thing has been the postponement of the tournament Key Biscayne to Hard Rock Stadiumwhich was already the stadium of the stadium Miami Dolphinsso the pieces look bright in color and smell like new.

What comes to Indian Wells It still appeals to its traditional design in the middle of the California desert.

Despite the geographic similarities between the two and the fact that the game is played on a hard court and back-to-back, are the two as similar as they seem from the outside?

Even if it is disputed a song called «fast»surface Indian Wells is certainly slow. Some players have even confirmed during this tournament that the course was particularly slow. It’s being debated on the surface Plexipave, which is located on asphalt, which slows down the bounce of the ball. In addition, the intense heat that descends on the court throughout the day makes it easier to bounce the ball higher. In summary, the gameplay is more similar to what we might find on a clay court than on a hard court.

humidity is key

In Miami Something similar happens with surface type because a asphalt type 1meaning slower than Indian Wells, which slows down the bounce of the ball, but in this case the high humidity of the city makes the ball fly faster. If such a slow pitch is not used, the ball would be too fast. Therefore, the weather conditions create much faster playing characteristics than in Indian Wells.

In summary, both surfaces are slow, but inward The Miami game is faster. The Indian Wells course is listed as number 2, while the Miami course is number 1. Finally the weather conditions affect the ball and therefore play in the second Masters 1000 is faster. Nadal has dominated three times in Indian Wells or Thiem, i.e. with two players specialized on clay. This makes it clear that Indian Wells is the slowest tournament on a fast court, making it similar to the championship on clay.

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