Stephens Swaps Husband For “Bestie” Rafael Nadal To Learn Spanish

Stephens trades her husband for her ‘best friend’ Rafael Nadal to learn Spanish

Shortly after tennis star Sloane Stephens asked on Twitter for someone to teach her Spanish and her husband admitted that he is not fluent in the Latin-derived language, she shared a selfie with Rafael Nadal. “Can someone teach me Spanish? I have a month to learn,” Stephens asked on Twitter on August 14.

Stephens’ husband, soccer player Jozy Altidore, was quick to respond. «Damn if you had a fluent speaking husband,» Altidore responded to the tweet.

Shortly after, with a tweet written in Spanish, Stephens announced that he had started using the language learning platform Duolingo.

«Good morning! Today I start my first day of Duolingo. Wish me luck (Good morning! Today I start my first day of Duolingo. Wish me luck)”, Stephens said.

On the same day, Stephens tweeted a selfie with Rafael Nadal. «Besties,» Stephens captioned the selfie.

Stephens funny moment with Rafael Nadal

In 2018, during a press conference, Sloane Stephens shared a funny story about Rafael Nadal.

The American player said that she asked him to hit together like Maria Sharapova did in Rome, but Nadal did not accept it. «Asked [Nadal]. Why didn’t you let me hit you? Y [Nadal’s coach] Francisco [Roig] said ‘You have to win another tournament to play with him’

I was like ‘fine.'» After a reporter pointed out that Stephens was a great champion, Stephens added, «I know, but it’s not good enough. It’s, like, Rafael. You have to do more. He was joking, but, still…

I was like, one day, I’m going to get over her and hit Federer, take Federer on the grass. I have to get over it, I have to. I’ll start asking soon.»

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