Sorry: &Quot;I'M Back So Good Because Of My Team&Quot;

Sorry: «I’m back so good because of my team»

Speaking at the press conference after the win against Contrera, the Spanish player commented on what he thinks is the key to playing well after injury.

Results Billie Jean King Cup

The tie between Spain and Mexico in the Billie Jean King Cup qualifiers got off to a positive start thanks to Sorribes’ win. Sara, who is back after a long injury. He spoke at the press conference about why he has returned to such a good level. In addition, he talked about the match and the upcoming tournaments that he plans to play. Sorribes reached the quarterfinals in her last tournament in Bogotá and has backed up a 6-0 double against Fernanda Contreras.

the key in your lap

«I think the most important thing is a good team. I have just let myself go, listen and go to practice every day with maximum enthusiasm. My team had everything planned so that my recovery was perfect, deadlines, what I needed to improve, training… And if you trust and believe in them, it’s easier«.

of his party

«The first three games took almost half an hour, but I wanted to find a rhythm in the game. I didn’t expect the first games to be this long, but my strategy was to find a rhythm early in the game. Fortunately, I was able to keep it up for the rest of the match. I think the difference between the first few games and the rest of the game is how the game played out, I don’t think Contreras is broken. I think it was a much more even game than the scoreboard says.»


“I’ve talked about this with my team, but we’re going one day at a time. I’m going to play in Oeiras, Madrid and ReusI can’t tell you more because we’re going step by step«.

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