Novak Djokovic: Some Comments Bother Me, I Will Give You Something In A Few Days

Some comments bother me, in a few days I will give you something

Novak Djokovic admitted that he was upset by some of the comments and claims that were made about his hamstring injury at the Australian Open and indicated that plans to show evidence showing that he was not faking an injury.

Djokovic, who arrived in Melbourne with a hamstring injury, managed to overcome the problem and lift a record 10th Australian Open title. But some didn’t really believe Djokovic was injured, with some going so far as to claim the Serb was «faking an injury.» “He said it exactly: 97 percent? These two weeks I was thinking about whether to publish something about the injury, and I told myself that I will, that I want to.

I’ll go into more detail and post some photos on social media about everything we went through. I don’t want to sound pathetic; I won the trophy. But two years ago something similar happened, and people are doubting (that wound) to this day, they say all kinds of things, make fun of it, etc.

I feel the need to show and prove certain things. Not so much for those people, but for me, some comments bother me a little. You will know everything in a few days,» Djokovic said. Sasa Ozmo from Senior Tennis.

Djokovic was struggling in the first week of the Australian Open

In his first three matches of the Australian Open, Djokovic was calling medical timeouts and didn’t look like he was anywhere near his best. But in the second week of the Australian Open, Djokovic looked much better and managed to win the title.

At the start of the Australian Open, Djokovic revealed that his plan was to not practice during his days off in Melbourne. Instead, Djokovic spent those days receiving treatment on his hamstring. In the end, Djokovic’s physio did an outstanding job and the Serb left Melbourne with his 22nd Grand Slam title.

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