Caroline Garcia Reviews Ashleigh Barty'S Book: So Honest About Struggles, Successes

So honest about the struggles, the successes.

World No.5 Caroline Garcia apparently really enjoyed reading Ashleigh Barty’s book. At the end of 2022, Barty’s book «My Dream Time: A Memoir of Tennis & Teamwork» was published. In her book, Barty gave an excellent, detailed look at the ups and downs of her tennis career.

Garcia, who is 29 and one of the most experienced players on the WTA Tour, loved reading about Barty’s experiences. «Thank you @ashbarty for sharing your life in tennis. Being so honest and open about the struggles and great successes you’ve been through.

An inspiration. I miss seeing you here mate,» Garcia wrote on Twitter.

Garcia enjoyed Barty’s book

In his book, Barty recalled his shocking 2018 Wimbledon collapse.

In the third round of Wimbledon in 2018, Barty lost her cool during a loss to Daria Kasatkina. “This crisis has been brewing for months, largely invisible to all but those in my inner sanctum, but now it is spilling into the public spotlight in the British grass court season.

The issue is that my good is great, but my bad is horrible. When I win, I look like a million bucks, but when my tactics don’t work, I lack the maturity to solve my own problems. I am a 22-year-old highly trained professional athlete, but at this point I decide to throw a public tantrum,” Barty wrote in his book.

In her book, Barty also wrote that she was upset. “Not only (in) losing the match and losing my s —, but also losing my dignity. I shunned my closest supporters and cried myself to sleep that night, ashamed and embarrassed.» After that match, Barty realized that it was definitely time for her to change certain things.

That moment turned out to be the turning point in Barty’s career, as in the next two years Barty won three Grand Slams and rose to the world number one ranking. Last March, Barty announced a surprise retirement from tennis at the age of 25.

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