Skatov Garin Copa Davis

Skatov gives Garín no options in the Davis Cup

Timofey Skatov passes Kazakhstan. Skatov has been much better than the highly erratic Garín (6-1, 6-3) and makes it difficult for Chile’s options.

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Cristian Garin y Skatov they were the first protagonists in the relationship between Chile and Kazakhstan. One of these two countries was going to be in the final Davis Cup 2023. Garín had not started the season in the best possible way and in front of him was Skatov, who came with a lot of confidence. In addition, the Kazakh is on a clay surface that best shows his tennis.

Skatov gets stronger

Garín started sporadically and Skatov very comfortably from the bottom of the track. In addition, the Chilean did not succeed in important points and his rival went 3-0 after the double break. The crowd encouraged Cristian, who, thanks to the counter break, 1-3, had started to cheer up. The problem is that Skatov was still very confident in his tennis. Garín made the inevitable mistakes and this gave his rival free points. After three consecutive games Timofey Skatov, who reached a new break, took the first set with a score of 6-1. The most worrying thing for the Chilean is that he had not managed to win any of his work trips.

The victorious Kazakh came out in the second round. Skatov dominated more and more and the games fell to his side again and again. Timofey went up to 4-0. Garín threatened to come back to make it 4-2, much to the excitement of the crowd, but he was unable to tighten the score, and in other words, a poor start to the second set ended up punishing him and eventually 6-3 Skatov gave Kazakhstan the first point of the tie.

Chile started the series poorly, but all the illusion was set a Nico Jarry that he arrived confident and believing that he could run the tables after the first day of draws.

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