Sinner Fisicamente Listo Competir

Sinner: «Physically, I’m ready to compete»

The Italian tennis player spoke at the press conference after the match. Jannik Sinner was pleased with his level of play after winning the third round of the 2023 Australian Open finals, citing his good physical condition, excellent recovery and fearlessness to the media. who is your next competitor.

At the beginning of the 2023 season, Jannik Sinner manages to complete a very difficult match in terms of big tournaments. The Italian player at the press conference after the match he was pleased with his future rivalan improvement he hoped to have in the Australian tournament and priority that he is going to play early.

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You don’t want to stumble twice with the same stone

“I’m sure I always look forward to this type of match because I know he’s one of the best players in the world. I definitely changed my game a bit. It will be a good game. I look forward to such matches. This is what I train for.»

Improve your game level

«I’ve definitely changed my game a little bit. It’s going to be a good game. Like I said, I’m looking forward to this type of match. This is what I train for.»

Preferably early shifts

– I like to play games early, especially in the Grand Slam. It’s a little different when you play around 11:00after that you have a little time to recover ».

Partying too late

«When you play night matches or night sessions, especially when you’re playing second, it’s a bit different. Also depending on whether there are five games before that, which is probably even later because there’s not enough time.»

He hopes that tennis will improve in Australia

«The season has just started. Hopefully I can play good tennis here in Australia. We have to look at the next schedule that we have ».

Good recovery after a hard fight

or “I try to bring out only the positive. I think I was physically good in this match. Apparently I’m recovering pretty well, which I also showed today is that physically I am ready to compete. The pre-season was good.»

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