&Quot;Sinner And Berrettini Victims Of This Grueling Tennis,&Quot; Said Former Player

«Sinner and Berrettini victims of this exhausting tennis,» said the former player

Italy managed to win its only Davis Cup in 1976. On that occasion, the Italians beat Chile led by Jaime Fillol and Patricio Cornejo in the final. Corrado Barazzutti and Adriano Panata they were the absolute protagonists of the singles matches, while in doubles Paolo Bertolucci won the decisive match always in the company of the former number four in the world.

In 2019, the historic format of the most famous team competition underwent a radical change. A revolution that the insiders and the players who have made history in this sport did not like. Panatta has always been critical of the ITF’s choice and, in an exclusive interview with Libero, an Italian newspaper, reiterated his thoughts.

Panatta: «Tennis is now a massacre»

The Italian tennis player said: «The Davis Cup no longer exists. If you say Davis Cup, only memories light up. It’s not Davis, it’s something else. For me it’s the Piquet Cup, which has the former Barcelona defender among its creators.» . .

What does this have to do with my Davis? In my Davis there were four singles and a double. There was room to correct a singular gone wrong. Not today and, on the eventual 1-1, only the double will remain to decide. It is a lottery game.

I would have preferred Jannik Sinner, absent with a finger problem, and Matteo Berrettini. Victims of this exhausting tennis, at 220 per hour.» Panatta then expressed criticism of the long schedule that characterizes the tennis season: «Too many injuries? The fault of this exasperated tennis, always torn and played as if the human body were a Formula 1.

You also play too much.» Italy will play the semifinal against Canada today: the goal is to reach a historic final. The team led by Filippo Volandri defeated the United States 2-1 in the quarterfinals. Berrettini and Sinner will be two of the main stars of the next tennis season, which will start in 2023 from Australia.

And, at the Australian Open, there will also be the expected return of Novak Djokovic, after this season’s sanction due to the covid rules.

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