Coach Rick Macci: Serena Williams Is The Goat, Venus Williams Second-Best

Serena Williams is the GOAT, Venus Williams is second best

Coach Rick Macci believes Serena Williams is the best player of all time while her sister Venus Williams is the second best of all time.. Macci, who was Serena and Venus’s childhood coach, is often credited with the early development of the Williams sisters.

Serena finished her career with 23 Grand Slam singles titles, while Venus has seven Majors in her collection. Serena, who is considered one of the most dominant players in tennis history, had a 19-12 head-to-head against her sister Venus.

Although Venus doesn’t have a winning head-to-head against Serena, she remains the player with the most wins against the former 23-time Grand Slam champion. «You’ve got a girl, a lady who’s going to be the greatest woman to ever own a racket and maybe her sister, in my opinion, is second best.»

I know that’s debatable, but he beat Serena twelve times. No one else can say that, you know, like Venus, so there’s a discussion there,» Macci said on The Functional Tennis Podcast, according to sportskeeda.

After Serena and Venus Williams, Macci has another gem

Macci runs a tennis academy and claims there is an 11-year-old Ukrainian girl who he thinks looks like a champion in the making.

«I have a lot of good kids, I see a lot of good kids, but actually she’s moving here shortly. There’s this girl from the Ukraine. She can’t even go back there for a lot of reasons: death everywhere; just a brutal situation that you can’t imagine .

But this girl is bulletproof. Mentally, she has it. She is not afraid, she appreciates the Florida sun. She’s already signed with the management company I’m with, Edge. Although she is 11 years old, I know that she is quite young.

We have to give him a chance to go for this. But I’m going to be training her every day and I have no doubt,» Macci said. revealed on the podcast.

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