'Serena Williams Had Reconnected With Herself', Says Top Coach

‘Serena Williams had reconnected with herself,’ says top trainer

Serena Williams he is unable to pronounce the word «retirement». Months have passed since her last match, when she was defeated in the third round of the US Open by Ajla Tomjalnovic, after having played a Slam tournament above expectations, especially from a physical point of view.

One last dance at home that ended her career, although the 23-time Grand Slam champion can’t quite put it into the right words. «I feel like, for me, retirement is too big a word for someone my age,» Serena Williams said in an interview with «CBS Mornings.»

«And I was like, ‘Um, I don’t think that really suits me.’ Anyway, I can’t fit into certain patterns or parameters. Ever. I just need to get out of it. I just need an arm of these concepts, or a leg. Something.» For the youngest of the Williams sisters, it is not the first time that she has made this type of statement, in which she emphasizes that hers is not so much the end of a chapter, that of her tennis career, as an evolution: something that she wanted emphasize in the last interview he gave.

«I’m definitely evolving,» he added in the interview with the American television show – «Because I feel like when you retire it’s different. You put on the gloves or the shovel or the racket or whatever, or the computer, and then relax.

And you go and basically take over your life. And that’s not what I’m doing.» About the future that awaits her, the former world number one explained her plan on her Twitter months ago: «Right now I allow myself to be tired, relax and be alone sometimes .

It’s harder than I ever imagined. I have never allowed myself to do anything like this before.» Serena Williams is devoted to her daughter and her family. The winner of 23 Grand Slam titles is focused on enjoying her time beyond tennis, but also on continuing to succeed in her business.

The evolution of Serena Williams

Patrick Mouratoglou and Serena Williams had a long and successful partnership. “I tell myself, ‘That’s it, I’ve won, she’s going to go out on that court and crush her.’ And she loses. Honestly, I am very surprised, I feel like I have lost.

As always I take the credit for the victories and the defeats and here I failed”, he said. “However, the next day he calls me and we talk,” he continued. I hang up and tell the director of the academy who he was with. , ‘Serena is back. This is all.

She’s going to win Wimbledon. That’s for sure’ And she wins Wimbledon, no surprises. She had reconnected with herself.»

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