Serena Williams Design Crew Launches New Botanical Clothing Line

Serena Williams Design Crew Launches New Botanical Clothing Line

Serena Williams announced on social media that her Nike design team has finished creating a new clothing line featuring botanical patterns. “The Serena Williams design team is back! Created by a cohort of multi-disciplinary designers, this collection was brought to life using bold botanical prints and intricate patterns for versatile pieces meant to elevate her streetwear.

Coming soon soon!» Serena wrote on Instagram.

What is the Serena Williams design team?

According to the official Nike website, the Serena Williams Design Crew is the result of the tennis icon partnering with the sports brand «to create new voices and help shape the future of design.»

Serena Williams told why she made this decision. “When I step on the court, I definitely want to stand out. I am Serena and I like to be different. I just like to take chances when it comes to design,» Williams said.

With the help of Nike designers and partners, “Serena worked with ten emerging designers to create a new era where diverse perspectives are celebrated and empowered. Like Serena, SWDC trainees have a bold and forward-thinking vision.

They don’t follow trends, they create them. As for her design style, Serena Williams focuses on diversity. “The world is not one color. We come from different backgrounds and think differently. When you bring all that diversity together, can you begin to imagine the amazing things you can do? Williams was quoted as saying by Nike.

Serena Williams Launches GOAT Merch Collection Ahead of Last US Open

Serena Williams’ fashion brand, S by Serena, launched a new clothing collection tagged with the word GOAT (the greatest of all time) before leaving the tennis world’s spotlight at her latest US Open.

«It’s GOAT season,» the S by Serena team wrote on Instagram. The motto of the new collection reads as follows: «Rep the GOAT with exclusive merchandising for the whole family.» You can see the GOAT collection in this article: Serena Williams launches the GOAT merch collection before the last US Open.

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