Serena Williams Brought Coco Gauff Her First Paycheck: “She Doesn’t Know”

Serena Williams brought Coco Gauff her first salary: «She doesn’t know»

In a press conference ahead of the US Open, Coco Gauff revealed that her first paycheck came from Serena Williams when she was a child and she had to act as a stunt double for the tennis icon in a commercial. «I think she was 9 or 10 years old.

They needed a stunt double to play a young version of her, just the [neck] down. I think it was for a Delta commercial,» Gauff said at a news conference before the US Open. “I went by his trailer, took a picture.

You probably don’t even know it. In fact, my mom sent me a picture a couple of weeks ago of me waiting, doing my hair with people. I don’t think they ever used it, but that was the first check I ever got as a kid.

She doesn’t know it, but the first money I ever made for myself was from her doing a commercial,» Gauff said.

Serena Williams reveals the first thing she bought with her own money

While we were talking about early paychecks, in a recent interview published by Cash App, Serena Williams revealed the first thing she bought with her own pocket money.

“What is the first thing you bought with your own money?” asked the interviewer. “I remember I used to get a small allowance. He would buy a box of donuts, like a dozen. And he would sell them for ten cents each.

The box was 99 cents and he would actually sell them for twenty-five cents each. So she was always, you know, touring and trying to make money,” Serena Williams replied. Also, in the past, Serena herself spoke with former NBA player Jay Williams during a Chase Chats webcast in which she shared the best financial advice her father gave her when she was growing up.

«My dad always said ‘athletes lose their money.’ He always talked about the importance of not losing it once you get it and not just buying everything you see. That’s stuck with me my whole life.»

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