Serbia Open Congratulates 'New Dads' - Rafael Nadal, Daniil Medvedev &Amp; Gael Monfils

Serbia Open congratulates ‘new dads’

The Serbian Open sent a congratulatory message to three «new dads»: Rafael Nadal, Daniil Medvedev and Gael Monfils. 10 days ago, Nadal became a father after his wife Mery Perelló gave birth to a baby. This Saturday, Medvedev and Monfils also announced that they became parents for the first time.

«The week the parent club got three new members. Congratulations, champions!» reads the Serbian Open Instagram post.

Nadal, Medvedev and Monfils have become dads

A few days ago, Nadal confirmed reports that his wife did indeed give birth.

«Hello everyone. After a few days and many loving messages I just wanted to thank you all! We are very happy and everyone is very well! A big hug,» Nadal tweeted a few days ago. On Saturday afternoon, Monfils took to Twitter to reveal that Elina Svitolina gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday morning.

«I had the most amazing night of my life, which ended with the most beautiful gift around 6:00 am. Elina was strong and brave. I can thank my wife and God enough for this special moment. Welcome to the world, my little princess. SKAÏ,» Monfils tweeted on Saturday.

A few hours after Monfils, Medvedev also made an announcement. «Welcome to the world girl,» Medvedev wrote on his Instagram post. When the Spanish media reported that Nadal’s wife gave birth, Novak Djokovic was competing at the Astana Open.

Following his Astana Open semifinal, Djokovic sent a message of congratulations and heartfelt wishes to the Nadal family. «Congratulations! I didn’t know that. Really? This is wonderful news. I wish your wife and baby lots of health and happiness.

As a parent, I’m not going to give you any advice (smiling). He has a big family. I’m sure he will experience himself (smiling),» Djokovic said of Nadal becoming a father.

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