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Sabalenka rises in Australia with a multi-carat title

Aryna Sabalenka captured her first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open by defeating Elena Rybakina 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 in two hours and 25 minutes.

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The meeting that was supposed to crown the first Grand Slam champion of the 2023 season arrived. They met on January 28 in Melbourne from 7:30 p.m. Elena Rybakina who was playing in his second Grand Slam final when he was crowned last year at Wimbledon against Aryna Sabalenka which premiered in the finale of these features. It was the fourth time they faced each other in an official duel with the Belarusian arriving at 100% efficiency, although they were always matches that went more than three sets.

First for Rybakina

Rybakina took advantage of the initial tension caused by Sabalenka to get a break. Belarus entered bundle of nerves and very excited. It all happened very quickly and it made Kazakhstan to get the splits first. However, in the eighth game, a bit firmer as the new balls were drawn, he took his weapon and the Kazakh doubted for the first time in the period. This is why 4-4 was valid in electronics in just 25 minutes.

Still, the split couldn’t last long as Aryna got involved with two double faults and some fouls. He left the game on a tray for Elena, who stood 5-4 and served with timely delicacy finds idyllic service which gave him the game in white and finished 6-4.

Sabalenka the most dangerous

In the first two service games, it was difficult for Aryna to show that the irregularity of the winners was forced. Elena aimed to march to victory. However, Belarus was able to adapt their ideas better and, by providing a more organized position in their game on the scale, they took the lead. Fixing innings was no easy task, but he was able to go 1-4, giving the feeling that he was the one He pulled strings at Rod Laver Arena. More winners, more aggressive and without losing the bottom line.

Rybakina continued to suffer, but confirmed that she was not going to give the rent any more distance. He forced the Belarusian to be the one who served to close. In his possession 5-3, he focused well and the serve brought him considerable income despite the fact that the Kazakh suggested a fight. Finally, with an ace He managed to seal the result of this second part with his signature.

The level of the third main character with the service was impeccable. The first to break this unspoken agreement was Sabalenka, who spoke with a break ball. Rybakina, on the other hand, made up for it with a huge offer. The game continued with both their weapons, but the Kazakhs decided in their favor, riding to halftime 2-3.

In the next turn, the rest came as a reward for the Belarusian, who played like angels. The aggressive tennis he has put up, and the Kazakh surrendered. He managed to fend off two break points with good serves, but in the third, having to use a second serve, he did not prevent the number five seed from finishing on the break.

Result for Sabalenka

The moments of greatest tension came in the meeting, when Sabalenka had to eat during the match. It was a game where emotions ran high for both rivals. Elena’s hand was also heavy and she caused an unforced error. There were no tactics, there was nothing but psychology and in the end the Belarusian showed what a great player he is. He combined tremendous aggressive tennis with defining skills, and on the fifth match point he took the title. He fell to the ground in tears and then they hugged each other in a huge hug. Sabalenka lifted her first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open by sentencing Rybakina.

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