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Rybakina: «I’m trying to go further»

Speaking at a press conference at the Masters 1000 tournament in Miami, the Kazakhstani player commented on his brilliant moment, which was due to his excellent preparation before the tour of Australia. He also mentioned how he saw his two potential next competitors, which he has very good words for.

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Elena Rybakina spoke during a press conference inside the Miami Masters 1000 tournament in front of the media. At the same moment A player from Kazakhstan mentioned this moment The reason is a great preseason. He also wanted to leave a brief opinion on how he sees his two potential next competitors in the US tournament.

Break up with the Indian Wells circuit

“Well, I’ll try to go further, but I think here when the bounce of the ball is a little faster. That’s why I might get more free points. But still, I’d say it’s a bit recoverable, but yeah, a bit faster than Indian Wells.»

Of his two potential next contenders

«Yes, we played against Jessica. It was a tough match. Of course it will be difficult if we play and he is a really good player, very consistent I would say.. Or it will be Potapova, I think she is also playing very good tennis now, so she is a very dangerous player. so yes youtime to prepare no matter who it is«.

A preseason that marks the great path of early 2023

“Yes, of course, we did very well in the pre-season and maybe at the beginning of the year it didn’t go as well as I expected. In other years, normally after a good pre-season, I played very well in the first tournamentsBut this time it’s the opposite and I’m really happy that my best form came at the Australian Open.

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