Ruud Wolf Atp Ginebra

Ruud gets another win

The Norwegian tennis player defeats Wolf 6-3 and 7-5 to reach the quarter-finals of the Geneva tournament, where Jarry awaits him.

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16 rounds Geneva ATP 250 they faced two players with different aspirations for this tournament. Casper Ruud He became the favorite to win after reaching the semifinals at the Rome Masters and first in the draw. Jeffrey John Wolf It came after reaching the third round in Italy and losing to Zverev, which gave a good feeling. The scene between them started with this match, where the Norwegian was the clear favorite.

Ruud is starting to have an effect

The match started when Ruud quickly showed his popularity, broke the American’s first serve and went up 3-0. Wolf came into the match cold and Casper started to dominate on his favorite surface. The strength of the European was very good, and his rival, an irregular player, had great difficulty in keeping up with the options. Ruud no longer had to press the gas pedal and he dedicated himself to keeping his service shift without giving his competitor any chance. The strategy worked and thanks to a broken start they took the first set 6-3.

Casper ends the match

The second set was much more even, when the American defended his serve without giving Ruudi any chance. Wolf was unable to break, but by not losing serve, the score remained even. The American began to feel more comfortable with the number of games Casper suggested and did not despair like he did in the first set. However, with the eleventh game everything changed Ruud broke his rival’s serve and ended the match 7-5 in an hour and in 20 minutes.

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