Tenistas Rusos Bielorrusos Wimbledon

Russian and Belarusian tennis players get to play at Wimbledon

The British Grand Slam has confirmed that Russian and Belarusian tennis players can return to compete in their tournament after a year without permission.

Wimbledon announced that tennis players from Russia and Belarus will be allowed to compete again in their tournament under certain rules. It is worth remembering that the third Grand Slam of the season was played last year without points for rankings. This confirms what was said a month ago.

Wimbledon statement

«Our current intention is to accept tennis players from Russia and Belarus who compete as «neutrals» and meet the appropriate conditions. Expressing support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is prohibited. And the participation of state-funded tennis players in Russia and Belarus, including sponsorship by national companies«, begins.

Then he continued: «These terms have been carefully agreed following constructive dialogue with the UK Government and the British Tennis Federation (LTA). and international tennis organizations«.

In addition, they acknowledged:Some tennis establishments reacted with disappointment With the position taken by the All England Club and the LTA, the consequences would be detrimental to the interests of tennis players, fans, Wimbledon and British tennis.«.

Finally, they clarified: «We continue to condemn Russia’s illegal aggression and support the people of Ukraine. It has been a difficult decision and not taken lightly. and not ignoring those who are affected by this. After weighing all the factors, we believe this is the best move for Wimbledon this year.«.

ATP and WTA gave their word after hearing the announcement

«We are pleased to announce that all players will have the opportunity to compete in the Wimbledon and LTA tournaments this summer. It has led to major sports collaborations to reach a solution that protects the fairness of the sport«said a statement from two tennis governing bodies.

And he continued: “The situation is still very difficult and we would like to thank Wimbledon and the LTA for their efforts to achieve this result, while reiterating our unequivocal condemnation of Russia’s war on Ukraine«.

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