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Rune: «I did everything I could and I was very close to winning»

The Danish tennis player expressed his emotions in the press room after losing the 2023 Monte Carlo ATP Finals to Russia’s Andrey Rublev in a match where he led 4-1 in the last set.

ATP Monte Carlo results

He was very close. Only a few points separated Holger Rune to add his second title Masters 1,000 as a professional. Young Danish tennis player, current no nine world, gave up in the final ATP Monte Carlo 2023on clay, before the Russian Andrei Rublev, sixth from the world ranking.

A match that, as we say, was very close to winning for a talented player 19 years that came and went 4-1 y breakpoint for 5-1 in the third set, but who finally saw Rublev come back to leave him with honey on his lips on Monesgask soil. In the press room, Rune did not blame himself for the effort, but admitted that perhaps the short recovery time compared to his semi-final yesterday could have taken his strength in the last part of today’s game.

Despite everything, he Gentofte pointed out that the most important thing is to arrive in the best possible conditions Roland Garrossecond Grand Slam the culmination of the year and this just started European clay tour. About his unpleasant relationship with the spectators, Rune also emphasized that he only asks that they respect him when he passes, which he has already taken it upon himself to scold both the audience himself and the referee of the final.

fatigue at the end

«Yes, apparently yesterday’s game was very long and we finished it late as well. I didn’t have much time to recover. But this is what is there. I gave it my all, I had no more. I did what I could and I was very close.».

Very close to victory in the third set

«Yes, it seemed like he had more control there. I felt it in the first set too, but I couldn’t shut it down. It’s disappointing, but this is tennis. I need to see what I did wrong, what I can do better and move on. The most important tournament in the country is Roland Garros and I want to get to that moment as well as possible«.

His strained relationship with the audience

«I don’t think I look like Medvedev. I just think that if someone shouts right at the moment of serving, it’s not normal. That’s why I told the referee if there was anything I could do about it and if not I would do it myself. It’s a matter of respect, it’s important to people. I respect them I just ask that they do the same for me«.

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