Rune Bhambri Copa Davis

Rune gives the first point to Denmark

The Danish tennis player achieves an important victory in his career in the Davis Cup 2023 qualifying round. Rune managed to lead Denmark in the first of two matches of the series after defeating Yuki Bhambri in two sets (6-2, 6). -2) after an hour of fast tennis. Denmark is ahead of India.

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Holger Rune faced the first of the important matches of the 2023 Davis Cup qualifying round at the new start of the season. He did it moments before his compatriot August Holmgren was measured in his match against India’s Sumit Nagal.. Therefore, Denmark’s best tennis player would have to face Yuki Bhambri in a misleading match. Indoors against the head there were no precedents between the two playersso it would be the first meeting between the two clubs.

Holger Rune maintains its popularity

The match started strongly for Yuki Bhambri. The Indian player got the first point of the match. At the moment Holger Rune would chain a total of five consecutive points, with two maintenance breaks. Bhambri would try to break his rival’s positive streak, but nothing would stop the Dane from hitting his serve and capitalizing on his only chance. for the second series the same start would be repeated, as Yuki Bhambri would again score the first goal. Immediately Holger Rune answered a a comfortable 40-0 in his favour. At this moment, he would break his rival’s serve to take advantage of the scoreboard.

Despite Yuki Bhambri making it 3-1, it narrowed the gap again even as Rune made it 4-2 in the light. After this, two consecutive points would occur, breaking to close out the match using the only available match point. Denmark scored the first goal of the series.

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