Roger Federer'S Biggest Regret Is Novak Djokovic

Roger Federer’s biggest regret is Novak Djokovic

With a truly moving letter, Roger Federer has begun to say goodbye to tennis. which will be official after the Laver Cup, an event that he created and in which he will be on the starting line to probably dispute the closure of his career.

As the Swiss pointed out in the very long video in which he announced that he will play the London competition as his last tournament, his body in recent weeks has begun to show signs that are not exactly positive for rehabilitation and for this reason he has decided to definitively lift the target. flag.

Among the rivalries that will be remembered, the one against Novak Djokovic You can not miss. The two fought a great battle on all surfaces and in the end there was only one winner: he was the Serbian champion who won the most matches, putting them all together, paying duty especially in recent years.

An issue that could perhaps be decisive in choosing the GOAT among the Big Three, given that King Roger will be left behind even in the precedents with Rafael Nadal.

Roger Federer’s biggest regret is Novak Djokovic

The two great players of the new millennium had to prepare and face 50 battles.

The Serbian champion has managed to win 27 times and is ahead in almost all statistical items comparing the matches of the two athletes: when it comes to Grand Slams, Nole is ahead in Australia with a clear 4-1, as well as at Wimbledon. (3-1).

Equal victories instead at Roland Garros and the US Open, 1-1 and 3-3. One of the few aspects in which Federer has done better than the 35-year-old is precisely in total sets won: despite being down by 4 wins with Djokovic, Roger managed to win 108 sets in total, against the 102 from Serbian. .

To make the difference, without a doubt, the factor of the decisive partials, in favor of Nole with a very clear 15-5. Federer’s biggest regret in tennis probably dates back to 2019, right in a challenge with the former world number one.

At Wimbledon the two have given birth to a sensational fight to win a Grand Slam title that is central to how close the battle is to be the best. The Swiss number 2 on the board reigned supreme in all the statistics, wasting two match points in the decisive fifth set and then surrendering 13-12. A huge disappointment for Roger and his loyal fans, who almost reached their 21st Grand Slam win on that occasion.

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