Jiri Lehecka: &Quot;Roger Federer Was My Idol, Now My Idol Is Berdych!&Quot;

«Roger Federer was my idol, now my idol is Berdych!»

The 21-year-old tennis star Use Lehecka he said he always idolized Roger Federer when he was young. But today his idol is another great champion, on whom Lehecka based his playing style: Thomas Berdychtrue idol at home, and true idol for Jari.

The young Czech tennis player explained: «When I was little, Roger was my idol. I have always liked his game and his varied style. Then as I got older and got into tennis and looked in the mirror to find out what kind of player I was, I tried to focus my game and my style on Tomas Berdych.

When I was 16 years old, my coach was Jaroslav Navratil, who is the father of Michal, my current coach. He’s the one who got Tomas into the top 10, and he’s been with him for a long time. Maybe if you can notice some specific details in my game, which may seem a bit similar to Tomás’s, like a forehand, something like that, then it’s Jaro’s work, who took me under his guidance when I was 16 years old. .

Tomás was the one who looked forward to and watched their Davis Cup games and everything. So I’ve seen some similarities in our games.»

The rise of Jiri Lehecka

Jiri Lehecka is undoubtedly one of the purest emerging talents on the world tennis scene.

The current number 47 in the ranking, who is currently the number 1 Czech tennis player, made himself known to the general public with the first quarterfinals reached in a Grand Slam, precisely at the Australian Open, where he stopped against the finalist. Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Even the Doha semifinal confirmed his great potential. When he was only 16 years old, he was taken over by Jaroslav Navratil, who guided Tomas Berdych to success. Now Lehecka works with Michal Navratil, Jaroslav’s son. From here you can guess the boundless appreciation for the former world number 4.

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