'Roger Federer Was A Great Role Model For...', Says Atp Ace

‘Roger Federer was a great role model for…’ says ATP ace

Jeremy Chardy played his last official match on the ATP Tour at the US Open 2021. The French player was not particularly lucky and had to deal with a series of quite complicated and delicate situations off the court. In fact, Chardy was forced to stop after the loss to Matteo Berrettini at Flushing Meadows due to the side effects of the anti-Covid Pzifer vaccine.

The Frenchman began to feel severe pain throughout his body after any physical exertion. Chardy explained during his last interview: “Since they gave me the vaccine I have a problem, I am fighting. Suddenly I can’t train, I can’t play.

I have been to two doctors, they have done some tests, now I know what I am a victim of and I have to take care of myself. I prefer to take more time to recover and be sure that I will not have any problems in the future, instead of trying to get back on the field as soon as possible and then finding myself with more health problems.»

The former world number 25 later decided to have knee surgery in the hope of returning to the courts in 2023, but his physical condition does not seem to be the best. In an interview with the French Tennis Federation, Chardy revealed that the end of his career may be closer than ever: «Roger Federer called me when I had surgery.

I told him about how complicated rehabilitation is. My situation is difficult, right now I’m doing my rehabilitation process, but I don’t know if I’ll play tennis again. It is very difficult mentally: I am doing everything well, but I have no guarantee that I will be able to play again.

I’ll keep trying. I don’t know where I am, I’m not at my best physically. I want to finish my career having fun on the court and not in the doctor’s office. I want to have fun again.»

Mannarino on Roger Federer

Adrian Mannarino talked a lot about Roger Federer during an interview with the German outlet Tennisnet.

Having revealed some secrets about his famous 2021 Wimbledon 1st round match against the Swiss, during which he had to surrender, the Frenchman spoke about the impact and personality of the man with 20 Grand Slam titles.

“He was a great role model for all tennis players. He was such an inspiration to all of us and we were very lucky to have him there. He took tennis to another level. It was very difficult to keep up with him. He was very personable both on and off the pitch and it would be nice to have more role models like him.

But it will remain unique. It was good to be on the court with him a couple of times. I have fond memories of that, even if I lost every time (7-0 heads-up, editor’s note). It was always special to play against him”, said the 44th in the world.

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