Roger Federer Reveals His Plans For Future

Roger Federer reveals his plans for the future

Swiss tennis icon Roger Federer reveals he would like to play places he has never been before but admits it is still too early to make any plans as his doctors advised him to be cautious with his troubled knee.

Federer, 41, had hoped to return to tennis sometime during the 2022 season. Unfortunately, Federer’s knee did not make the desired progress and he retired at the Laver Cup after pairing Rafael Nadal in the last match of his career.

Federer recently traveled to Tokyo for the Uniqlo event and there he revealed that his intention is to play exhibitions in the future. «I want to go play places I’ve never been and thank the fans who have supported me throughout my career, that’s all I want.

My intention is also to organize exhibitions, but unfortunately it is still too early. My knee is not in perfect condition yet and I have to be patient. The doctors have advised me to be cautious and wait a few months to see how the situation evolves.

and this goes not only for tennis but also for other sports that I would like to play, but I have to take it easy», revealed Federer.

Federer wants to take his family on a trip to Africa

Now that Federer is officially retired, he has more time to spend with his wife and four children.

Since skiing is too risky for Federer considering his knee condition, he is thinking of taking his family on a trip to Africa. I’m still a little scared [when it comes other sports] just after retirement, since my knee has been a little regular and that [skiing] You have to wait

As time goes by I will be able to do more trips and we are always planning our vacations and I want them to be a lot of fun. They can get a little more creative. I would love to take my children to Africa, whereas before holidays always had to be relaxing because my life on the road was so busy, but now our holidays can be a bit more adventurous,» said Federer.

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