Becker: &Quot;Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic And Rafae Nadal Are Icons!

«Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafae Nadal are icons!

This week the Serbian champion Novak Djokovic reached the record of 378 weeks at the top of the ATP rankingsThus becoming the person (man or woman) with the most weeks at the top of a ranking, also surpassing the German Steffi Graf.

Many have commented on this success and, in the last few hours, former German champion Boris Becker has also spoken about it. The tennis legend has been through many ups and downs in recent months, but now he’s finally snapped out of it and is talking tennis again.

Boris Becker issued a statement on Novak Djokovic and his recent record, commenting as follows: «Novak Djokovic has been breaking the all-time record for weeks and that’s unbelievable. I think that Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are true cultural icons..

We are talking about athletes who could very well lead their countriesthey have an unbelievable number of fans.» Then, a compliment to one of the tennis players of the moment, former number one Andy Murray: «I would define Murray with one word, that’s incredible.»

Boris in Nole

On Djokovic, Becker also added: «I didn’t expect to see him so competitive, especially after the hip operation.

I have seen how he runs and fights and I have to say that what the Brit is doing is legendary. No one expected to see it number one for 378 weeks. As a German, I would have liked this record to remain in the hands of Steffi Graf, but I am also very close to Nole, so this does not make me unhappy.

Novak is a fantastic guy and a great champion. Records are meant to be broken, but this will be one of the longest ever. And the good thing is that the clock of weeks continues and he still has many more to go.» Many have discussed the possibility of Nole winning the Golden Slam this year, but the German’s judgment seems different at the moment: «Personally, I don’t think that Novak is thinking about the Golden Slam right now, he wants to lift the 23rd Slam of his career and this would already be a great record.

Now there is expectation for Roland Garros even if I see Rafael Nadal as the favourite, with Nole not far behind. I’m curious to see what these two great champions will offer us once again.»

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