'Roger Federer Is Such A Significant Sporting Icon That...', Says Former Star

‘Roger Federer is such an important sports icon that…’ says former star

Andy Murray said it was «very special» to be part of Roger Federer’s farewell. Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, retired from professional tennis after this year’s Laver Cup. In Team Europe, Federer was joined by some of his biggest rivals: Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

While Federer and Nadal played a doubles match, Murray and Djokovic supported them from the Team Europe bench. «It was amazing and quite emotional. I really enjoyed the whole Laver Cup, it was my first time playing that event, and being there for Roger’s last game was very special.

There was a lot of hoopla overall and we really broke up with each other. One night I went out to dinner with Roger and [team captain] Bjorn Borg, and it was a very funny evening, although Bjorn spent most of the night laughing at me.

We had a lot of good training sessions together and I really enjoyed the team dynamic,» Murray told Hello. Murray went into 2022 hoping to make his first deep Grand Slam since 2017. Unfortunately for Murray, no major Grand Slam run happened. .for him this year.

Looking ahead to 2023, Murray reveals that he has a very tight schedule as he is determined to be well prepared for the Australian Open. “I have a pretty tight schedule. I will start the year in Australia, which I always like very much.

I will play a tournament there and then the Australian Open. Then I’ll do a few more tournaments on hard courts, then hopefully on clay, and then I’ll be back in the UK for the grass-court season.»

King Roger has transcended tennis

Courier reflected on that epic night on a recent episode of Tennis Channel’s Inside-In podcast, also praising Roger Federer for never shying away from expressing raw emotion on court.

«I was ready for it, I knew it was going to be significant. I anticipated a lot of emotion from Roger, what I didn’t anticipate was the emotion of everyone else on the court. I certainly expected the crowd to get emotional when Roger got emotional, because he’s emotional .

We’ve seen him cry when he wins, when he loses, he gives it up, which is great,» said Jim Courier. «He’s such an important sports icon, you knew there was going to be a lot of emotion in the room. «he added.

For now, I’m still focused on playing tennis and winning matches. I’m happy with my progress this year, but there are some areas to improve,» Murray revealed.

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