Adriano Panatta: &Quot;Roger Federer Is An Unforgettable Champion, A Symbol&Quot;

«Roger Federer is an unforgettable champion, a symbol»

It’s been almost two months since Roger FedererRafael Nadal’s last match was played in the Laver Cup. The Swiss legend has decided to say goodbye to all his fans and put an end to his fantastic career in the Rod Laver event.

Federer was attended by his two historical rivals, namely Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The image of the Swiss and the Mallorcan holding hands and in tears after the doubles match that closed the program for the first day of competitions, will remain forever in the history of tennis and sport.

Adriano Panata He has always dedicated words of great admiration to Federer. The former Italian champion has never hidden his dissatisfaction with modern tennis, which, according to him, ends up benefiting players of great strength and physical power.

Panatta: «Federer is an unforgettable champion»

Former Italian player Adriano Panatta, in a special programmed on Sky Sport, explained: «Roger is a champion who will remain unforgettable, one of the few symbols of world sport that anyone knows.

Goodbyes are always sentimental and he made an effort to make him melancholic, even if it was a little: tears, holding Rafa’s hand. I’m a cynical old Italian so I don’t understand certain things, but I do understand them and I say that Federer and Nadal was a beautiful picture.

I am romantic above all because of that tennis that he expressed in a current way, a tennis that is no longer seen anywhere. The fact is that what he did could not be done, but he did it. That is why in my opinion he is unforgettable, beyond the victories, the list of winners and how many Slams he has won.

He was the one who played the best, although perhaps others have won more. I see the charm of a tennis player on the field, no one will be remembered like Federer.»

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