«Roger Federer is a source of motivation for young tennis players,» said the coach.

Dominic Stricker had the opportunity to train with one of his biggest idols, Roger Federer, several times in Switzerland. The current number 118 in the ATP ranking has shown that he has excellent talent, especially on grass, and closed 2022 by reaching the semifinals at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan.

He said: «I will never forget training with Roger Federer, it was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed every minute I spent on the court with him. I am very happy that I had that opportunity.»

«It’s great to have an example like him in Switzerland»

Dominic’s Lifelong Trainer sven winner He said: «I still remember the first time I saw Dominic play in Switzerland.

He hit the ball very clean. His footwork wasn’t the best yet and he can always improve. But he is getting stronger. We are trying to take one step at a time. He is close to the top 100; that’s the goal. We try to work on the things where he needs to improve and we don’t think too much about points.

We always repeat the same thing to children: everyone has to go their own way and focus on themselves. Obviously it’s great to have an example like Federer in Switzerland. This motivates young tennis players a lot. They met and trained with him several times; this was important

Everyone dreams of playing and winning the biggest tournaments. That’s why you train. This is what every child dreams of. I hope Dominic continues to train hard and that he can play these events soon. Sometimes you want to keep working on your weaknesses, but I also prefer to focus on your strengths.

He serves pretty well already, especially considering his height, and the serve is a great weapon, but he can always improve this shot.”

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