Roger Federer In Underwear And Swim Cap Hanging From The Ceiling!

Roger Federer in underwear and shower cap hanging from the ceiling!

Roger Federer in underwear and shower cap hanging from the ceiling! The former Swiss Legend, in an as-yet-unreleased video, was placed in a series of bizarre poses while hanging from the ceiling in a harness so his body could be captured as a 3D figure via a high-tech scanner, according to reports. reported by the Daily Mail online.

Roger said of the Portrait of a Champion video documentary, which was presented by Credit Suisse Bank in association with NBCUniversal Catalyst Showcases: «This new experience has given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and has opened my eyes. to learn about the intricate processes of making art.

I was surprised at how much energy I got from art. I didn’t think it would happen to me, it’s a transition from my daily life. It’s peaceful. I think it’s very important to do other things, not just chase a furry tennis ball.»

Roger Federer in underwear and shower cap hanging from the ceiling!

When asked how the process of transforming it into an art installation felt, a typically soft-spoken Federer admitted that it was difficult at times, but he always had the end goal in mind. Roger said: «Of course you feel vulnerable, you know that everyone is watching you and filming you..

I’m used to it on a tennis court, but I have my racket there, which is like my Thor’s hammer, I have my suit which is like my uniform, my favorite shoes, my sash and then I’m ready to go. , and when someone films you there is no problem.
In underwear in a harness, and hanging there, is that a different situation? Apart from the creative process, this is what it takes to get a good end result.” He was recently photographed with his wife Mirka together with Vogue fashion icon Anna Wintour and Australian director Baz Luhrmann at a fashion event in Paris. .

He also participated in a few NBA games and continued his immense charity work.

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