Laver Cup: Roger Federer In Tears, The Moving Goodbye

Roger Federer in tears, the emotional goodbye

Roger Federer definitively said goodbye to tennis after the last doubles match played at the Laver Cup: the Swiss, together with his friend, champion of Spain Rafael Nadal, did not manage to win the match against Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe, but nevertheless, the applause and tribute from the entire public in the stands and from the players on the pitch deserved end of the match.

A truly beautiful tribute, which did not leave many fans and fans indifferent. The Basel native thus left the sport that made him famous, above all with 20 Grand Slam titles but not only.

Laver Cup: Roger Federer in tears, the emotional goodbye

Tears, hugs and gratitude for a very special tribute to his great career.

Here are the videos spread on social networks after the race, with Roger Federer framed in a special way that he could not stop crying so easily. The video below:

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