Liam Broady: Roger Federer Has To Be Top-5 On All Time Best Atp Servers List

Roger Federer has to be in the top 5 on the list of the best ATP servers of all time

British tennis player Liam Broady says that Roger Federer «has to be» in the list of the 5 best servers in the history of the ATP. Patrick Mouratoglou, who worked with the great Serena Williams for a decade, recently revealed his top 5 all-time serves in the men’s game.

Mouratoglou named Nick Kyrgios the greatest server in ATP history, and went on to mention John Isner, Andy Roddick, Ivo Karlovic and Pete Sampras. «5: Pete had the most unpredictable and unreadable serve at both first and second.

4: Thanks to his height (Ivo Karlovic), he had a great career based mainly on his serve. 3: Andy had the most violent form of serving in tennis history. 2: He (Isner) played the longest match in tennis history and didn’t break for eight straight hours.

1: Kyrgios is number one because the players come back much better today and he is without a doubt the current best,» Mouratoglou said in a video uploaded to his Instagram.

Broady: Federer has to be on the list

Furthermore, Broady mentioned that Novak Djokovic’s serve is «the most underrated of all time». «Federer has to be on this list.

Must be. The most beautifully understated service. However, Djokovic is the most underrated server of all time,» Broady tweeted.

In last year’s Wimbledon final, Kyrgios faced Djokovic.

Throughout the entire final, Kyrgios was serving extremely well and dropping absolute bombs at Djokovic. But Djokovic, who is considered by many to be the best returner in tennis history, found a way to neutralize Kyrgios’ impressive serve.

Throughout the final, Kyrgios was seen upset by Djokovic’s ability to read his big serve and return it. In the end, Djokovic rallied from a set down to beat Kyrgios in four sets. After the final, many praised Kyrgios’ performance.

Also, there were quite a few people who believed that Kyrgios would have won the final if he played someone other than Djokovic.

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