'Roger Federer Grew Up In Neutral...', Says Atp Legend

‘Roger Federer grew up in neutral…’, says ATP legend

«Let’s give Roger Federer a big round of applause, he deserves it. I’ve had some great battles with Roger over the years. Tennis clearly misses Federer. I saw him dressed very smartly at Fashion Week. I want to challenge him on the court ski.

He’s enjoying life, I’m glad to see him again considering he was one of my biggest rivals on the tennis court. So I send my best wishes to him and his family.» At the end of his match against Andrey Rublev -which he won resoundingly in three sets-, Novak Djokovic paid tribute to Roger Federer and invited the public present at the Rod Laver Arena to applaud him

Both gave rise to one of the most exciting rivalries in the history of this sport and allowed tennis to grow in all aspects. Barbara Schett, at the Eurosport microphones, stopped precisely at Djokovic’s words. «Novak has said that he misses Roger on Tour, but those rivalries have led all four of them to where they are today, to the role they now have on Tour.

I don’t think I miss Roger. Probably because he has a very good chance of going down in the history books by winning the most Grand Slam titles,» explained the former Austrian player and current Eurosport TV presenter. «Of course, there’s Rafael Nadal, but he’s in very good shape. form.

He’s in trouble, but he doesn’t have serious injuries and his body appears to be in good shape. And he is also very motivated. 21 Grand Slam titles are not enough for Novak Djokovic and it’s good to see him. On one hand, he probably misses Roger Federer, but on the other I think he’s probably glad to be gone.»

Boris Becker on the legacy of Roger Federer

Six-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker recently said that Roger Federer’s legacy in tennis will always have a place of its own.

«Maybe the sports ambassador, not just the tennis ambassador. The world hasn’t seen anything like that yet. You can take footballers and basketball players and track and field athletes. This total package is Roger Federer, and then he also grew up in neutral Switzerland . ,” Becker said.

«With Roger, everything is so perfect, almost too good to be true. That will never happen again in tennis and that is also the reason why tennis has become such a global sport. Good luck to the guys who want to take over,» Becker said. .

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