Roger Federer Gets Emotional Watching Footage Of Himself As Ball Boy (Rewatch)

Roger Federer gets emotional seeing images of himself as a ball boy (REVER)

A video showing Roger Federer getting emotional seeing footage of himself as a ball boy recently went viral. «There it is,» Roger says when he first sees himself in the footage. «Like it was yesterday,» says Roger.

«I guess it means I’m a ball boy too, because deep down I’ll always be a ball boy.»

In the full video interview for Tennis TV, Federer reminisces about being a ball boy at the 1993 Swiss Indoors in Basel.

The Swiss maestro received a medal from Michael Stich. He used to come to the tournament club by bicycle and was very happy at that time. Recalling it, Federer said: «Like it was yesterday. I remember it a bit, of course.

I did it for two years and yes it was Michael Stich who is now the Hamburg tournament director, it’s a great memory for me, I loved being a ball boy here, I got to see the best players in the world first hand. , and to see how they prepared and how they had to sweat and how they dealt with the pressure and yeah, it’s good times for me.» He then added: «I’m like looking at the medal, I’m like, Oh, here he comes, it’s like a memory, still I have and still get them today from the ball boys and I ate a pizza from them at the end of the tournament, they also gave me a medal. I guess it means I’m also still a ball boy because, deep down, I’ll always be a ball boy.»

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