Roger Federer Expresses Desire To Play Doubles With Rafael Nadal In His Last Match

Roger Federer expresses desire to play doubles with Rafael Nadal in his last match

Retiring tennis icon Roger Federer has admitted that he would definitely love to play doubles with Rafael Nadal in his last match. On Tuesday, Federer spoke to the Swiss press and revealed that his goal is to play doubles at the Laver Cup on Friday.

That would be Federer’s first match in 14 months and also the last match of his career. At the 2017 Laver Cup, Federer and Nadal teamed up in a doubles match. Federer and Nadal are once again set to represent Team Europe at the Laver Cup.

«Maybe I can play doubles with Rafa, that would be an absolute dream,» Federer said, via SRF Sport.

Federer rules out playing singles at Laver Cup

“I am happy and surprised at how good my shots are.

But I won’t be able to play singles, that was pretty clear beforehand. That’s why it was no longer an option to compete in the Swiss Indoors at the end of October. I’ll probably play doubles here on Friday night,» Federer explained.

Last Thursday, Federer announced his retirement through a letter. “I didn’t want to see a video of myself for a year or so… So I wrote a letter… I went through every word a thousand times, by the end there were probably 25 versions, it went back and forth for about two weeks .

I am very satisfied with the result,» said Federer.

When asked about his children’s reaction, Federer revealed that they were sad and began to cry.

“They were sad, three of the four had to cry. But they also always said: stop playing tennis, we want to go skiing with you,» Federer revealed.

The last three years have not been easy for Federer’s health.

Since 2020, Federer has been spending a lot of time at home with his family and friends, so he is quite adjusted to what the new chapter of his life will bring. Hopefully, Federer’s last Laver Cup appearance goes well and his knee holds up.

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