Rigele Te Sanxenxo Lugar Toda La Vida

Rigele Te: «Sanxenxo is the place to be all your life»

The Chinese won the most important title of his career in Sanxenxo. At the end of the match, he analyzed the final and the importance of this trophy in his professional career.

ATP Sanxenxo plate

Results ATP Sanxenxo

Eighth seed Rigele Te completed a perfect week at ITF Sanxenxo after defeating Germany’s Strombach in the final. In the men’s series, Te is ranked 569, although his best ranking was 395. Little by little, he is returning to his best level and in Sanxenxo he has shown his potential with brave tennis and defending the confidence he currently feels. Beautiful, which can be seen again on the official channel of Sanxenxo Tennis Club. This Galician city will continue to attract a large audience to enjoy tennis and is already becoming a benchmark tournament on the ITF circuit. Surely in 2024 there will be another great edition, which will start to be produced without long, so that everything will be on wheels, as has happened in this case, which ended as the champion of the Chinese Rigele Tea.

Very happy with the Sanxenxo club

«Sanxenxo is a great club. Good food, good hotel, good slopes, in short everything, I love it. I have also improved a lot during the tournament and I have won the tournament, so I am very satisfied.

A track that makes you develop

«The pitch is a bit slow so you have to be very focused during the match. This makes you evolve as you play, so I really like the feeling you get on these types of fields.«.

Expectations for the future

«I just think about him next tournament and on the move step by stepbecause after that I don’t know what can happen«.

Kudos to the city of Sanxenxo

«It rained a lot here three years ago. It’s a good place to live your whole lifebut I’m a tennis player (laughs) and I have to travel every week, but in summary I love this place«.

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