Resultados Atp Challenger Skopje 2023

Results ATP Challenger Skopje 2023

21.-27. May, the first Macedonian Open will be held in the city of Skopje. This tournament belongs to the ATP Challenger series in category 75. It is held on the clay courts of Tennis Club Jug..

tournament draw

For the first time in its history, the district ATP Challenger presents Macedonian Open, in the city of Skopje. This event takes place from 21 to 27 May Tennis club pitcher and it is class 75. Although it is controversial during the classification Roland Garros and this causes him to lose a lot of quality players, makes for an interesting list for the upcoming Top 100.

The best candidates for this first event in Skopje are Aziz Dougaz and Yevgeny Donskoy. The Tunisian has shown some improvement in his level of tennis, especially in a year that started with four straight losses. Semi-finals in Leónrooms inside Puerto Vallarta and Tunisand eighth Waco they brought him closer to the Top 200. The Russian is living another moment, quite different from the one in 2013, when he reached world number 65. With ups and downs in his career, at the age of 33, he keeps going and keeps fighting. Getting titles in the ITF New Delhi y Lucnowand in two quarterfinals at the beginning of January Challengers of Nonthaburithey let him climb the stairs.

A separate paragraph about the important presence of the Argentines Roman Burruchaga and Francisco Comesañaand in Spanish Martin Landaluce who strive to organize a good tournament, considering the rankings in the world rankings. The Tennis Club Jug is ready with everything for a great week of tennis.

Results ATP Challenger 75 Skopje

Results 21.5
Qualifying stage (first round)

Durgut – ALT (11.00)

Valkusz – Bugarikj (11:00)

Villanueva – Bourgue (11.00)

Blanch – Leite (11:00)

Karlovskiy – Markovski (13:00)

Bobrov – Haliak (13:00)

Nagal – Ramanathan (13:00)

Boscardin – Milev (13:00)

Ajdukovic – Srbljak (15:00)

Kasnikowski – Role (15:00)

Weis – Butvilas (15:00)

Upper – Light (15:00)

*Local time

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