Rennae Stubbs Praises Andy Murray'S Philantrophy: No Better Guy

Rennae Stubbs praises Andy Murray’s philanthrophy: There’s no better guy

Former six-time Grand Slam doubles champion Rennae Stubbs has praised Andy Murray for his philanthropic work. Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion, pledged earlier this year to donate all of his 2022 prize money to help war-affected children in Ukraine.

The 2022 season ended and Murray donated $630,000 to help the children of Ukraine. Murray’s good deed earned him the 2022 Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award. Murray is now the fourth ATP player to win two Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Awards.

Stubbs on Murray: Off the pitch, there’s no better guy

«Obviously the guy has a lot of money. He’s clearly made a lot of money from the sport of tennis, but it’s still over half a million dollars to give away.»

It’s pretty great. That’s his money, he earned it, he’s just one of the greats. He has a bad reputation. It’s a little hard to see at some point. He behaves at times on the court like a pork chop. We know we’ve given you a chance in that regard.

You know, he’s a bit whiny, complacent. But, off the tennis court, there’s no better guy, there’s no nicer guy, there’s no funnier guy,» Stubbs said on the Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast. Meanwhile, Murray prepares to start his season 2023.

Murray, 35, recently confirmed that he intends to start the 2023 season at the Adelaide International. In Adelaide, Murray will make his debut and certainly hopes to get a good preparation for the Australian Open.

After failing to achieve his goal of making a major Grand Slam run this year, Murray will attempt to do so in 2023. At the Australian Open, Murray has five finals but has never won the title. How well Murray can do during the upcoming Australian tour remains to be seen.

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