Rafael Nadal Shares Dark Thought To Stadium After Winning 1St Us Open Round

Rafael Nadal shares a dark thought to the stadium after winning the first round of the US Open

During the post-match on-court interview with Darren Cahill, Rafael Nadal spoke about how he feels after his win against Hijikata in the first round of the US Open, sharing a dark thought he had before stepping foot on the American court.

«I thought maybe I can’t come back, but here I am,» Nadal said. The Spaniard, however, as he proved to himself that he really is back, thanked the crowd that attended Arthur Ashe. «I’m very happy.

a long wait. The night sessions here in New York are the best without a doubt, so I can’t thank everyone enough,” said Rafael Nadal.

Nadal must be careful with his abdominal injury

An abdominal injury derailed Nadal’s bid for the Wimbledon title, causing him to struggle for a couple of rounds.

Despite this, the Spaniard defeated Taylor Fritz in an intense duel and went on to the semifinals. Later, he had to withdraw from the match against Nick Kyrgios due to a seven-millimeter injury to his abdominal muscle. Rafa skipped Montreal and was back on the court in Cincinnati.

Borna Coric upset him in the second round in straight sets, and Nadal will now focus on his US Open campaign, seeking the ATP title and throne. «It’s been a challenge to deal with this pressure, especially because it’s so dangerous.

You risk making things worse if you serve hard when you have an injury like this. You have to make it flexible again, which is not easy. Also, you risk injuring him again,» Rafael Nadal said. Related: Rafael Nadal: ‘I have to be careful about my injury’ Nadal made it a point to work hard in practice and on court during this US Open campaign.

“I haven’t played a game in the last 50 days. I think just one game, so it’s about being humble enough to accept the process, to build the positive things, day in and day out in practice. Tomorrow is one more day of practice and definitely another opportunity. I just enjoy the fact that I am here to give my best every day,” Nadal said.

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