Francisco Cerundolo: Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic Always Greet Me, Treat Respectfully

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic always greet me, treat me with respect

Francisco Cerundolo admits that he is a nice feeling when you see Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic treating you with respect. Last year, Cerundolo faced Rafael Nadal on Center Court at Wimbledon; the Argentinian competed extremely well and even managed to win a set against the Spaniard.

After the match, Nadal praised Cerundolo’s performance. Also last year, Cerundolo revealed how during the 2021 Serbian Open in Belgrade Djokovic approached him and congratulated him on his Buenos Aires 2021 final. Whenever Cerundolo sees Nadal and Djokovic, the two all-time greats salute him. .

“At this point it is nice that people like Nadal or Djokovic recognize me, greet me and congratulate me on a match. It happened with Rafa that we faced each other at Wimbledon and from then on we greet each other every time we see each other and exchange a few words.

The fact of being with them is impressive. As for Nole, she has a great sympathy for the Argentines, she always comes and talks with us. They are the best in the world,» said Cerundolo, quoted in break point.

Cerundolo was full of inspiration after Nadal’s match

After winning a set against Nadal on Wimbledon’s iconic Center Court, the 25-year-old Cerundolo won Bastad in his first post-Wimbledon tournament.

“That game helped me in many ways. Playing on Center Court at Wimbledon, a full stadium and playing against Rafa, being able to keep my emotions in and not be totally scared, it helped me a lot to know that if I could play a good match there, I can do it anywhere.» Cerundolo said after winning Bastad.

After Bastad, Cerundolo also enjoyed a strong performance in Hamburg the following week. In Hamburg, Cerundolo reached the semi-final before losing to eventual champion Lorenzo Musetti. Following back-to-back great races at Bastad and Hamburg, Cerundolo also achieved a career-high ranking of No 24 in the world.

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