'Rafael Nadal Certainly Can Be Dangerous Again At...', Says Expert

‘Rafael Nadal can certainly be dangerous again in…’, expert says

After the injury that kept him out of the competition for the entire second half of the 2021 season, Rafael Nadal returns to the TP circuit. With a very long streak of consecutive victories (the longest of his career starting from the concrete at the beginning of the year) and reaching the final in the first four tests in which he participated, the Asturian sent unequivocal signals to the entire competition and commanded all , including a Novak Djokovic who was struggling with bureaucratic problems related to anti-Covid regulations.

The Iberian was able to come from behind to win the Melbourne ATP 250 and the Australian Open for the second time, thanks to some formidable performances (including in the final against Daniil Medvedev, recovering from a 2-0 deficit).

The victory in Mexico and the final in Indian Wells, also lost due to injury, were the icing on the cake of a year already framed. On clay, the Mallorcan did not leave a mark in the preparatory tournaments, but at Roland Garros he left his mark again, showing that Paris is his second home.

At Wimbledon a physical ailment prevented him from playing the semifinal with Nick Kyrgios, and he officially returned to Cincinnati, where he was unable to debut. In short, a spectacular 2022 so far for the number three in the world, who wants to continue to impress.

In the last few hours, this 36-year-old man has achieved the official status he so longed for. In fact, Rafa is the first player to qualify for the next Nitto ATP Finals, reserved for the best eight players of each year (through the Career ranking that counts all the points obtained during the same season).

Rafa Nadal won two Slams in 2022

A fully fit Rafael Nadal will be dangerous at the US Open despite his stuttering return to action at the Western & Southern Open, according to tennis analyst Barbara Schett. “Don’t forget that this was his first match since that injury,” she told Eurosport.

“The game is always different from practice. And anyone who has had an abdominal injury and torn abdominal muscles knows how it feels. You have to be extremely cautious. He worries that you will injure yourself again.

And I think that’s what we’ve seen on Wednesday. When he played Coric, he wasn’t sure how the body would hold up. And I’m sure he’s going to feel better and better. If there is no damage to the abdominal muscle, you still have a week and a half to improve your health, to improve your confidence also that you can extend and you cannot bend on the serve because that is the most complicated shot, the serve and the crush

When that is the case, Rafa Nadal can certainly be dangerous again at the US Open. I mean, he is so excited about every Grand Slam. We have seen him this year playing the best tennis of his life. You can never, ever rule it out.»

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