Rafael Nadal Passes Novak Djokovic And Targets Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic and targets Roger Federer

22-time Major champion Rafael Nadal is spending his 673rd week in the top 3. Thus, the Spaniard becomes the second player with so many weeks in the selected group, leaving Novak Djokovic at 672 and standing 77 behind the record holder Roger Federer.

Nadal has no points to defend for the rest of the season, he looks good to finish the year in the top 3 and have more weeks in that group. Nadal cracked the top 3 following his first major title at Roland Garros 2005. Rafa cracked it a couple of days after his 19th birthday, and he’s still part of that group more than 17 years later, proving the incredible consistency of Nadal! the!

Nadal is the second strongest link on the men’s Tour in 2022, behind his compatriot Carlos Alcaraz. Rafa conquered two Major titles this year, making a perfect start and winning four titles despite injuries.

Rafael Nadal is the second player with 673 weeks in the top 3.

Rafa stayed in the top 3 between 2005 and 2012 after an amazing start to his career.

The Spaniard struggled with injuries and left the first mentioned group after joining it. He put in a lot of effort in 2013 to get back to where he belonged before experiencing more trouble in 2015 and 2016, barely remaining in the top 10.

Nadal returned to his prime in 2017, regaining his Roland Garros dominance and winning four more Parisian titles in the previous five years! Rafa played just 29 matches in 2021 and lost a bit of ground against the rivals above.

He played two meetings following the Roland Garros semi-final loss to Djokovic and wrapped up the season in August to focus on 2022. Rafa made a perfect comeback and claimed his second Australian Open crown this January after an epic comeback against Daniil Medvedev in title clash.

The Spaniard suffered his first loss of the season in the Indian Wells final, breaking a rib and not playing until May. Rafa was far from his best at the Masters 1000 events in Madrid and Rome, struggling to find his A game and still dealing with foot pain.

Taking injections before each match, Nadal cleared all seven hurdles in Paris to claim the 14th Roland Garros crown and his 22nd Major! Rafa withdrew before the Wimbledon semi-final, injuring his abdomen, revealing a seven-millimeter tear.

Nadal played just one match ahead of the US Open and was unable to contend for the fifth New York crown, falling to Frances Tiafoe in the fourth round. Rafa played the doubles match alongside Roger Federer at the Laver Cup and returned to Mallorca the following morning. The Spaniard is working hard on his comeback, hoping to compete in Paris and Turin and chase world no. 1 honour.

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