Rafael Nadal asked about retirement, the chances of playing the 2024 Paris Olympics

Rafael Nadal, 36, insists that he is not trying to visualize or predict his retirement, but has admitted that he would like to send them off on a tennis court. Nadal, a record 22-time Grand Slam champion, recently witnessed Roger Federer’s send-off at the Laver Cup.

Federer, 41, was away for over a year before returning for a final match at the Laver Cup. Nadal, who battled injuries to his foot, ribs and abdomen in 2022, is coming off another injury-plagued year with many long wondering if the Spaniard will remain active.

“As for my retirement, I don’t visualize it for a simple fact, because I’m not too much of trying to guess, predict or prepare for the future, because things change very quickly, right? that moment is closer than last year, without a doubt, and than two years ago.

That is pure logic. But in the end it is something that when it has to happen, it will happen. I would like it to be on a tennis court, that’s for sure,» Nadal told Marca.

Nadal asked about playing the 2024 Paris Olympics

This year, Nadal captured a record 14th French Open title.

In a year and a half, the 2024 Paris Olympic Games will take place. The 2024 Olympic Games tennis tournament will take place on the clay courts of Roland Garros. Roland Garros is by far Nadal’s most successful venue and many would like to see the Spaniard compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

«Well, I do not know. I don’t really see it. In addition, there is another issue and that is that when you start to think a lot about retirement you are already entering that dynamic and I am not at that point”. Nadal said.

In early June, during the 2023 French Open, Nadal will turn 37. Whether Nadal can avoid major injuries in 2023 and win more Grand Slams remains to be seen.

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