Raducanu Entrenar Poco Me Limitó

Raducanu: «Training limited me so little»

Emma Raducanu appeared in a press conference after her tough two-set loss to Cori Gauff, talking about her feelings about the match. He also commented on how it felt to play at Rod Laver Arena.

Emma Raducanu entered this tournament in 75th place in the women’s category. The 2021 US Open champion has not been able to get back to playing at the high level that the Grand Slam brought him, which is why he has dropped so much in the rankings. After winning his first match in Australia, he faced another young upstart, Cori Gauff, who took the cat to the water.

party impressions

– I knew that it would be a difficult match and a challenge against Coco Gauff. It’s very hard to passa, he is a very fast player and a great athlete. He always returns one more ball and you feel like you have to line it up even more and that’s when mistakes happen. If they told me thirteen days ago that I was going to box and in the second round, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Play with Rod Laver

«I think the track was very slow, at least compared to the tracks outside, which are faster. Obviously, all the lights and everything that happens during the match It’s very different from when the stadium is empty. At first it was hard for me to adapt, but it is a very nice course and I am very happy that I could play on this course and next time it will be more familiar to me.

An effort to play in the tournament

«I think we all put in a bit more effort to be able to play the Grand Slam tournaments, we’d rather sacrifice the small tournaments. Would you push your body to the limit to play in these tournaments? and then take the necessary time to recover. Now it’s time to see where I go after this ».

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