Tiffon Dellien Rio Cuarto

Pol Martín Tiffon dominates the ITF in Rio Cuarto

The Spaniard achieves another ITF title. Pol Martín Tiffon took a very even final (7-6(7), 3-6, 7-5) and achieved the sixth ITF title of his professional career.

The grand finale is coming ITF M25 from Rio Cuarto In Argentina met Murkel Dellien only Pol Martin Tiffon. The Bolivian had played great tennis during the week and had only lost two sets. In front of Pol Martín Tiffoni who had also brought out his best version and only the local player Justo had stolen the set. It was the first matchup between the two, and one of them was going to lift the championship to put the icing on the cake for a perfect week.

Pol Martin Tiffon takes the title

From the start, both made it clear that it was going to be a tough fight. Two clay court specialists in a final with a great first set. Neither of them let their hand be twisted and the game was very even. Equality was present throughout the first set and finally a draw was reached. dying suddenly Pol Martín Tiffon ended up impressive and was closer to the prize.

Instead, Murkel Dellien took the claw inside him and continued to fight. The Bolivian never gave up and little by little he started to find his prize. As the minutes wore on, the Bolivian seemed to be more connected in the second quarter 6-3 ended up forcing the final set.

Again, everything balanced out and Pol Martín Tiffon upped the gear again, while Murkel Dellien saw his rival go further. Both were close to the championship, but the most difficult thing was to finish the game. finally it was Pol Martín Tiffon, who finally took the win and took the title in Rio Cuarto ITF M25 7-5 after a great week

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