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Podoroska says goodbye to Mérida quickly

Rebecca Peterson won her match against Argentina’s Nadia Podoroska in straight sets (6-3, 7-5) in the first round of WTA Merida.

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Nadia Podoroska He appeared in a new tournament this season, looking to continue to grow in his feelings and ranking after several injury-plagued seasons. The Argentine started the year brilliantly. She won the Australian Open and was later the WTA 125 champion in Cal. In recent weeks, Nadia has played some events on the ITF circuit, and this occasion in Mérida was a great opportunity to enter with a protected ranking.

For him Rebecca Peterson She came straight from winning the previous stage of the tournament in Mexico against Diane Parry and Carol Zhao to earn her place in the final draw. Before his trip to Mexico, the Swede reached the finals at the ITF in Orlando, beating well-known players such as Dolehide or Lisicki.

Podoroska says goodbye

The Swedish player managed to get in front of the scoreboard early on, using the confidence he gained from playing the previous stage over the weekend. Little by little, Nadia got used to the game, made her shots flow better and came back on the break to level things up. The illusion only lasted a few minutes, however, as Peterson came back to stay with Rosario’s service game to stay ahead. The European won the first quarter 6-3.

Once again, Peterson made the first difference, now in the second inning, and given the context, it seemed like he might be the key to the definition. But Podoroska managed to restore the break immediately. The match was getting even, and both players were even more satisfied with their services. The difference would come at a critical moment, when the Scandinavian broke Rosario’s serve and went up 6-5. Peterson himself sealed the victory with a decisive 7-5.

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