Carabelli Qualy Inyección Ganas

«Permeating quality is an injection of desire»

Argentine tennis player Camilo Ugo Carabelli managed to advance to his first ATP main event at the Argentine Open this Sunday.

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Perhaps the moment came unexpectedly. Years ago Camilo Ugo Carabelli He has earned a track record to reach the Top 100, but he still can’t reach it. Throughout his career, he became champion in three Challengers titles: Warsaw 2021 Lima and Buenos Aires 2 in 2022.

In addition, last season he passed the preliminary stage and played in the main league Roland Garros. This year started with personal problems, a little lack of motivation and desire. That’s why he didn’t travel to qualify Australia. After the victory against Facundo Bagnis, these were his statements.

Statement by Ugo Carabelli

«I am very happy to play my first ATP draw. Especially here at home, in Buenos Aires, where all the people can see me. I developed a lot mentally, playing at home gives me a plus. I can’t let myself be. I like to fight, for them to see me fight. I think the key was there«Camilo analyzed.

He then commented that long fights and matches always arise between Argentines because «We all played pretty much the same way, a lot of brick dust, a lot of shots on the tip, we’re used to playing long points«. And I add:»The nerves of meeting from the same country also help«.

On the other hand, he cleared doubts about his future after receiving some negative comments towards him. «I was not very excited, now I raised a little. Passing the exam is an injection of adrenaline and desire, so hopefully I can take advantage of that«, he declared. When asked if he was going to stop for a moment, he answered bluntly: «no no, never«.

Finally he said:Now I want to enjoy myself, I am very happy with the victory and tonight or tomorrow I will start thinking about what is to come«.

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